Greetings to our current clients as well as potential new ones! I decided it would be of good use to provide everyone with an update regarding how the courts are working during the current pandemic. First and foremost, we are up and running. as all of my clients know, as soon as you become a client you are provided with my personal cell phone number. It is not a business phone. It is the same number that my mom calls me on. So I always have it and you are free to call or text any time.

The presiding judge of San Diego county had a webinar today where she outlined the measures the county is currently taking during the current crisis. Long story short, do not expect the courts to open any time soon. They are trying to limit the number of people in the courthouse so most in person hearings are suspended. But that does not mean that no action on your case is being taken. The judges have asked that we coordinate with the prosecutors to resolve cases as expeditiously as possible in order to avoid a flood when the courts do open. So please reach out to me about your case and I will make sure to handle it as quickly as I can.

Any questions should be directed to me personally. I am available at all hours to address your concerns. Stay safe everyone, and trust that you are in good hands.

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